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Busó Festival : On a Sunday of the Carnival

The Busós are a people of Sokatz origin, Slav people, who lived in Hungary during the period of Turkish invasion had decided one night to reoccupy their town of Mohács. They dressed up in their traditional costumes of animal skin and masques and appeared from the swamps where they were hiding. Making a lot of noise they entered the town...According to the legend, the Turks were so much terrified by these creatures that they immediately left the town

The Sunday of the carneval Busójárás, our national  heritage, part of the ’UNESCO heritage this year takes place 02th March. We invite you to experience this tradition!





Pannonvoyage, your bridge to success for your events


Events, conferences, incentives organized abroad, and trips for discovering new cultures and countries have become part of our every-day life. For the professionnals in tourism and event organizers, Pannonvoyage offers a wide selection of programs. Pannonvoyage, set up in 2010, is a fast developing business, located near Budapest, Hungary. Its main activity is creating high-standard cultural tours tailor-made for groups in leisure and in professional tourism, with special attention to its customers' requirements.

We take into consideration the style of the client for planning leisure trips (discovery, art-lovers, relaxation), and the sector of job you work in, when organising incentives and conferences (architects, doctors), and we always give the highest level of quality of services for the given budget.

Consult our offers and our references concerning our professional trips. We are at your entire disposal for touristic discoveries of Hungary in the style of your demand, and do not hesitate to choose us as a partner if your choice has fallen upon Hungary for your next event : thanks to the hospitality and smile of the Hungarians, or because of the excellent quality for a competitive price.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards from the members of the agency,

Aniko Dalos

Eva Velmovszi

Klara Monostori




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Saint Gobain, Worldwide Top Management Meeting July 2011

Ford of Europe, Leisure Programme at meetings with the Siege 2011, 2012

ZDF Germain television, travel services at Sisi documentary shooting 2012 February

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